Emerging Technology Report

Emerging Technology Report

Uncover and disrupt your technology space. Know what technology is emerging, today.

emerging technology report nuclear energy

Nuclear Energy Technology Report

Safety / inspection robotics and remote maintenance are at the center of nuclear energy emerging technology…

emerging technology report artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Technology Report

Intelligent machine, human intelligence, intelligent robotics, intelligent designs are at the core with over 1,800 patents

emerging technology report chemical technologies

Chemical Technologies Report

Chemical process, environmental technology, process technology energy efficiency are trending technologies, with Dow Chemical Company leading the pack…

Our Reports

Our in-depth emerging technology reports provide detail on today’s emerging technology, identifying what sub-categories within the technology space are trending, identifying the key players within Fortune 100 companies and startups with new technology solutions to potentially aid in M&A opportunities. Receive a full landscape of the technology arena including the patent landscape, trademarks, scientific journal publications, what research institutions are working on and their collaborations with business entities, grant detail and so much more.


Our report audience depends on emerging technology data for innovative, R&D and strategic technology planning.


The global research data provides the most timely access to reliable, unbiased emerging technology data from which to benchmark technology and innovation.


The valuable insights within each report includes a closer look at key players in the corporate world, university and research labs and startups and small companies to focus on who will be shaping energy policies and technology in the coming years.


Highly searchable data and sources. With segmented and filtered data, you can scan resources according to the type of publication and what sector it came from in order to quickly pinpoint relevant information and learn about emerging technology.


Complete list of sources from 2010-2020. Our emerging technology reports look at true, trusted emerging technology data only.