About Emerging Technology Report

Emerging technology is what makes us different.

Emerging Technology Reports

Recognizing a need and developing it.  Meeting the emerging technology reporting demand.

The innovation technology industry is in the beginning stages of growth. As businesses have been innovating forever, innovation as an industry is in the early stages.


As businesses look to uncover emerging technology they have heavily relied on their internal R&D experts to innovate. The innovation process for most large companies today is a legacy process.


With Emerging Technology Innovations, we provide a deep look into emerging technology to provide innovative companies with the technology insight to disrupt and solve for their innovative technology needs.


We only look at emerging technology. We do not sift through all data that is most often captured via Google. We utilize a unique and proprietary technology scouting automation tool to identify the emerging technology landscape, faster with better results.

about emerging technology report differentiators

Our Differentiators

  • Emerging technology. We look at emerging technology from the past 10 years.

  • Google has nothing on us. More reliable than any Google search with the capability to filter the emerging technology data and narrow down to specific technology criteria without having to scroll through pages and pages of search results from decades of content.

  • Delivering technology truth. A non-biased look at the technology space.

  • Much more than market data. We leave market data to the experts. We are about emerging technology findings and uncovering disruptive technology solutions.

  • Emerging technology depths. Our reports provide emerging technology categories within the primary technology space.

  • In-depth technology landscape data. Our reports include startup findings, landscape detail for emerging technology patents, trademarks, key player technology focus areas, emerging news, grant landscape and more.

  • Affordable pricing. You will not find this level of detail anywhere else, at such a low price. We are able to minimize cost through our process and our technology scouting automation tools.